Firn Unvested: What's next?

LunarDAO is an anonymity-first collective. We aim for sovereignty and are a part of a growing community of lunarpunks who understands that what we want in terms of privacy and autonomy, we need to create ourselves. Lunarpunks are visionaries as well as builders. Network privacy is hard to achieve and there is continous development to strengthen this piece of our infrastructure.

Firn Unvested: What's next?

A year ago LunarDAO invested in Firn. It was a small step on our path toward freedom, digital and financial privacy. Firn provides a privacy solution for Ethereum and EVM-based rollups. Any user can deposit ETH into Firn and anonymize funds as well as sending private transactions within Firn. Firn is an essential part of privacy infrastructure as large portion of web3 users use Ethereum.

The support from LunarDAO helped Firn to get Security Audit Report done by Blocksec.

Now, we are at another mark in our developement. We want to raise funds for DarkFi Research and development (R&D), supporting anon developers, by buying a unique NFT done by DarkFi cutting edge graphic designer. See LIP-0005 for more information on the proposal and read more about DarkFi.

Our relation ship with Firn didn't end with a one time raise and token vesting. We are collaborating with Firn on the DarkFi R&D raise, building a solution for anon donations. All participants of the raise will be able to deposit funds into Firn beforehand and with FIRN application joing the new version of LunarDAO which will be created for this purpose. Firn integration of existing DAOhaus design makes it possible for lunarpunks to remain anonymous while using ETH.

It is now a year since LunarDAO invested in Firn and vesting of FIRN tokens have begun. Here is a recap in numbers.

We are excited to walk with Firn towards another horizons and use our partnership to empower other privacy projects.

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