We have decided not to hide anymore, but to rally.
In the misty mountains and somber forests where a dense foilage of encryption protects our clans from the all-seeing eye we build politics and technology for our own autonomy.

Information is power. Privacy and transparency are two antithetical dimensions of information. Transparency is being enforced upon people at large. It strips them of their agency as free human beings and paralyzes society through assimilation. Meanwhile the machines of state and corporate power are intransparent and accountable to no-one.
The ever-increasing crackdown of regulation, surveillance and persecution is forcing the hands of those who believe in freedom. For many years a small number of cypherpunks and cryptoanarchists have fought back, while the majority opted to comply or to hide. Lunarpunk is a consequence of this feedback loop. But rather than continue to react, it has begun to assert its own destiny.

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For our prisoners and martyrs

Julian Assange
Ross Ulbricht
J. Stark
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Firn Unvested: What's next?

LunarView Nym

INTERVIEW — 27/03/2023

Nym — The Evolution to a Private Internet

A lunarpunk DAO

Some call our vision dystopian. They seek to engineer an ideal future to be imposed upon people for their supposed good. We don't want to manage society but to liberate it, for people to be able to regain and develop their own morals and politics.

Some despair at the darkness of the world we live in. We see it as an opportunity. The gentle light of the moon reveals what has been hidden under the blazing gaze of the sun.

‘Lunarpunk and the Dark Side of the Cycle’ by Rekt and DarkFi

The aims of LunarDAO

Enable parallel confederated societies that are diverse and autonomous but mutually protect each other against central authority.
Learn, educate, share knowledge. Education is fundamental in our struggle for free life, autonomy, and community.
Develop infrastructure for economy and politics beyond the state, that is uncensorable, sovereign and anonymous. Expand the dark forest.

Lunarpunk has begun to transcend its own narrative by becoming practice. LunarDAO is but one of its many faces, an autonomous community at the forefront of a larger strategy.
Now it is upon you to choose your path.
The desert is not endless. The forest awaits.

Sentinel Committee

The Sentinel Committee are the guardians of the treasury. In total, it's composed of eight people of which five are needed to execute a transaction or protocol changes.

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